Seeing colors for the first time

It’s easy to take the senses that help up perceive our world for granted…at least until we lose them, then we appreciate what we no longer have. But what about people who never had them to begin with? My husband and I have a son who was born fairly profoundly hearing impaired and he has learned to function amazingly well in the world despite his hearing loss. Over the years his hearing aids have improved greatly as technology progresses and a few years ago I had the great joy of being with him as he tried a new hearing aid that allowed him to hear a threshold of sounds for the first time in his life at 18 years old. He giggled and I cried and it was a special moment for us both.

For people who have color blindness it creates a similar condition with vision. All of their lives they have lacked the ability to see certain colors which makes it difficult to differentiate from other colors or they often look ‘gray’ to them. Valspar and EnChroma have worked together to create glasses that correct color blindness so please enjoy this short video of people seeing color for the first time in their lives:

You’ll be glad you did!

~ by sandywenberg on April 8, 2015.

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  1. You are a sweet person!


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