A refreshing exterior

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Sometimes you don’t want to make dramatic changes to your colors when it’s time to paint. This lovely waterfront home had taken some hard weather exposure over the years and was in need of painting, not only for a fresh look but good protection for the wood. Paint can significantly change the look of wood, but in this case it was necessary to cover the original semi-transparent stain to protect it for future years. The owner didn’t want to make a big change to the exterior colors but rather wanted to ‘refresh’ its look and still relate to its lovely seaside setting. After evaluating a number of color samples at different times of day and different weather (both create different light conditions), colors were selected. The biggest difference was using a creamy white color as trim around the windows instead of a gray that was so dark it was almost black, allowing the white vinyl windows and trims to be visually connected as a whole rather than separate pieces. The entry doors to the house are stained wood rather than painted, so it was fun to put a little pop of color on the door to an outbuilding adjacent to the house. As you can see in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos the overall look is not that different, but it looks refreshed and updated and is ready for many more years to enjoy living on the beach!

~ by sandywenberg on March 28, 2015.

One Response to “A refreshing exterior”

  1. Beautiful! Another job well done :). Thanks for sharing!


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