Here are some things people have to say about working with me:

I love to recommend Sandy to my customers at the paint store. She listens to your likes and dislikes when creating palettes and designs WITH you and not AT you.                   Kieth Coster, Store Manager, Peninsula Paint Center, Poulsbo, WA

I have been mulling over paint colors for my home for 3 years, and I am literally astonished that you took my jumble of thoughts and quickly made them into a beautiful plan that I would’ve never come up with on my own.                                                   Catherine Arlen, Realtor, Windermere Real Estate, Kingston, WA

You have skillfully offered options and guided us through what has seemed such a serpentine path introducing colors onto the walls for the first time in this house’s history! Creating color on a blank slate was more than we could do on our own. Thank you for your patience and suggesting colors as we venture into creating our new home, we are thrilled with the colors!                                                                             Bob and Tracy W., Kingston, WA

What a victory of intention! How deeply grateful I am for your colors and the painter taking such pains to get it right. The house is reincarnated!                                         Carol C., Quilcene, WA

Sandy introduced me to color consulting. I was pretty happy with my main floor colors but my home was quite dark, even during the day. I invited her to my home and she quickly determined that my heavy drapes were a huge culprit in my lack of light. She taught me about a color’s light reflectiveness and its importance in providing light, especially on the ceiling which I now consider the fifth wall of a room.  Sandy asked me some pointed questions regarding the “feel” of the spaces of my open floor plan and together, we selected five gorgeous colors that really makes my home feel put-together. She suggested a color I would have never have pictured for my dining room and it’s my favorite! I highly recommend Sandy. Save yourself time, stress and money and hire her to help you choose colors that will make you fall back in love with your home, or if you bought a new home she’ll help you make it yours with colors you love!               Shawnee Spencer, Kingston, WA

Why don’t people just carve out the money to make the job MUCH easier and SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL (not to mention saving what they probably pay you!)??? <sigh> At some point, it’s time to put aside the DIY mindset – or your place ends up looking like a DIY project.                                                                                                               Nina Beheim, Silverdale, WA

When my husband told me to select exterior colors to paint our house I stalled.  I actually stalled for over a year!  Trying to pick paint colors is very overwhelming to me and I truly didn’t want to do it.  But I knew if I didn’t pick them, he would!  Since I didn’t want my house to be contractor beige I decided to hire Sandy to help me with the process.  Not only did Sandy make it painless, she also forced me to slow down for a minute and really think about the colors I was selecting.  After our appointment, she sent large color samples for evaluation and also made great recommendations on what type of paint to choose.  If you do not enjoy picking colors or are afraid the colors you select might be the wrong tone or hue, ASK SANDY!  She really knows what she is doing and rather than stress over it and spend lots of extra money….you will end up with a beautiful project that you are proud of.  Thanks Sandy, I truly could not have done it without you!                                                                                                           Connie Feikes, Bainbridge Island, WA

I hired Sandy to help complete my vision for my daughter’s nursery. I had a general idea of the color palette I wanted to use, but the colors weren’t quite right and something seemed missing. Sandy’s approach was technical, without talking over my head, and she brought that strong artistic sense needed to tie my ideas together. Sandy used the colors I wanted, but found the perfect shade for each to complement each other and the existing carpet, and take advantage of the natural light in the room. She made a suggestion for an accent color that was way bolder than I ever would have chosen on my own, and the results blew me away! The finished room is a calm, lovely space that I thoroughly enjoy. I literally couldn’t be happier; it was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to enlist her talents again and again.                                                       Jessie Nino, Poulsbo, WA

A truly well painted historically perfect color choice, so much talent and a good eye! That’s you! We thank you for your ability to see through our confusion and resolve our color issues. You were fantastic!                                                                             Judith K., Bremerton, WA

We very much appreciated the assistance Sandy provided in selecting colors for our residence prior to listing it for sale.                                                                        Jim Bryant, Independent Real Estate Professional, Kingston, WA

Your work is impeccable and we have been very pleased with your color selections and the lay out work. When we have another high profile house you will be at the top of our list for the color work.                                                                                           Scott Towslee, Rental Property Maintenance Coordinator, Whitman College

We have lived in our “new” 1923 house for just over a year now, and it’s a good time to reflect on what Sandy did to help make this house our home. She brought two very useful skills to the selection of wall colors and upholstery fabrics for the main floor rooms of the house. First, she knows color, and was able to help us understand how to choose colors that would serve the purpose of our rooms and celebrate the character of the house. Second, she knows how to help two people who have different preferences find colors that bring delight to both of them. With Sandy’s guidance, my husband and I used a careful but efficient process that helped us find a scheme that pleased both of us and allowed us to proceed with confidence in our choices. Visitors to our home often tell us how beautiful they find the walls and fabrics that Sandy helped us choose, but even more important is that my husband and I both enjoy the time we spend in the rooms that Sandy has helped make perfect for us! Thank you Sandy!                                       J. Crouter, Walla Walla, WA

I have had the pleasure of working with Sandy on several projects and her guidance and flexibility were invaluable.  I appreciated her careful attention to the historical context of the homes we painted and her ability to listen to our goals for the projects, work with the painting contractors as well as our groups on campus.                                         Nancy Tavelli, Associate Dean of Students, Whitman College

This is to thank you for the outstanding job you did in helping me pick the right colors for painting the exterior of my house. Your keen sense of color saved me from making a costly mistake. I had picked a color that would have clashed with the roof and accent colors, which you caught and recommended a different color. Using your services and knowledge of color coordination paid off big time for me. Thank you for your professional help and diligence in seeing my painting project completed to the end.                       Ken Stebbing, Hansville, WA

As a brother and sister starting a business together, we were sure to be somewhat at odds regarding design and color for our new coffeehouse and roasting facility.  Sandy not only helped us find a middle ground, she also designed an array of colors for each room that we consistently receive praise for.  She took into account the use of every room (cafe, roasting facility, office, green bean room and restroom) and delightfully crafted a unique color palette that suited each.  For example, our office is bright and sunny in color because we have no windows.  The cafe colors were all chosen to compliment our uniquely red espresso machine.  We continue to seek Sandy’s help in choosing colors for graphics, etc.  We recommend her highly!                                                                 Mary Senter and Thomas Reese, Walla Walla Roastery, LLC

My husband and I met Sandy several years ago when we were in the process of building a new home in Walla Walla.   We had lived and traveled in Latin America for many years and wanted our house to reflect our love for Mexican style and culture.  We knew we wanted bright colors, but the task of choosing those colors soon proved to be daunting.  Sandy’s assistance has been invaluable to us during this process.  She looked at the books we had collected, listened to our ideas and helped us make good decisions, ones we were ultimately very happy with.  She understands the science of color…how colors will look separately, together and in different lights.  Her excitement with our project as well as her  unquestionable expertise gave me the confidence I needed to make color choices that were pleasing and reflected our taste.  Our house is a work in progress, but I look forward to having her involved until its completion.  I could not have done this without her!                                                                                                         Jan Hansen, Walla Walla, WA

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