Seeing is believing

One of the best tools I have to give my clients the ability to “preview” what their project will look like is a color preview program where I use an existing photograph of their project to overlay the actual colors I’m proposing. It’s very helpful, especially for those who have trouble visualizing what the changes might look like. I used this program for Whitman College’s Spanish House to show the three color palette options I’d designed for them. The Spanish House serves as an “interest” house for students who share an interest in Spanish (or Hispanic) language and culture. The Spanish House is a lovely example of authentic Craftsman architecture in the heart of historic Walla Walla, WA, and you can see from the three palette options I designed they are not classic Craftsman colors but evoke the feeling of  Hispanic bright colors.  I don’t use this program for all my projects but it is very useful to my clients who request it. The photos below show the Spanish House as it currently looks with the three proposed color palettes I designed…and the winner!

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~ by sandywenberg on May 11, 2017.

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