Lighten up!

It’s hard to have a conversation about color without talking about lighting too. If you can’t see them it won’t matter if you have the most lovely colors in your home. In the Pacific Northwest where I live we have a number of low light months in the winter where natural light is minimized and it can create a sense of gloom if not dealt with. The most obvious solution is to have enough of and the right kind of lighting. Overhead lighting such as recessed lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers (a personal favorite) and the like are great for broadcasting  large arcs of light, and table and floor lamps are wonderful for bringing the lighting source down into the room creating a much cozier light and great task lighting, but there are other sources of light you might not have considered that can really help lighten and brighten a space.

Mirrors can really give your lights a boost, and when used strategically can direct light to exactly where it’s needed. I’m not advocating large mirrors like the days when entire walls or large closet doors were mirrored but rather, treated like decorative pieces or even pieces of art. Mirrors reflect back 100% of the light that hits them so it can be like having twice as much light contributing to the space which is not to be underestimated!  They can be used on walls to bounce light back into the room, on tables to bounce light back up or in corners to lighten the darkness they often have. They’re also wonderful for broadcasting light into rooms that have few windows and natural light and can feel like a window in those applications where light is needed. Shiny objects, while not mirrors still reflect light into a space and have the added bonus of being things of beauty to look at. I’ve chosen some examples showing how mirrors have been used to move light where wanted as well as an example showing what a silver tray with glass floats can to do brighten a table and bring some sparkle into the room; enjoy!

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~ by sandywenberg on June 1, 2016.

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