Move over Port Townsend!

When you think of quaint Victorian architecture on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula you probably think of Port Townsend, right? Well move over Port Townsend, Quilcene’s got a gem too! I was recently contacted to consult on the exterior colors for an 1892 Victorian home in the heart of the small town of Quilcene that I’m very excited about. It was purchased by the Quilcene Historical Museum in 2013 from the Worthington family after having been lived in by family members since 1907.  The renovation it’s undergoing has been an amazing community effort showing Quilcene’s determination to keep this gem an asset for the whole community to use and enjoy. It holds Washington State’s Historic Designation and the project has many highly qualified and dedicated people making it happen.

The renovation includes restoring the roof to the original mansard style roof it had when it was built which has been altered from its current state. This alone will return it to its Victorian appearance and that, paired with colors befitting this lovely lady you will see an impressive and beautiful transformation! Below are vintage photos of the home when it had the original roof as well as photos of what it currently looks like. I’ll be sure to show you the results when it’s done so stay tuned!

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~ by sandywenberg on May 5, 2016.

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