When I meet with clients for the first time I find they all have their own style and taste preferences, their own color likes and dislikes and they may not be able to explain what they want but they seem to know what they like when they see it. What I find they uniformly lack is confidence. They are leery to make their own color decisions and this can stem from several things such as past projects that have not turned out as hoped, or they may have tried to copy a look they had seen and it didn’t work or the colors they loved in the paint store didn’t look at all the same on the walls in their home. Confidence that they have chosen the right colors for their project is the most important factor to move confidently to the next step of purchasing paint or hiring a painting contractor to do the painting.

When I work with clients I explain why colors are chosen and how they work to create visual balance. I also provide large color samples for them and explain how to thoroughly evaluate all colors; from this they gain the confidence they need to move ahead comfortably with any project, large or small. I find that helping my clients understand how and why colors work is about 75% of my job and I believe is absolutely necessary to having satisfied clients.


~ by sandywenberg on February 17, 2016.

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