This is it!

Color consulting takes me into a wide range of projects and each client has their own tastes that come with them. If I have done my job well the project looks like “them” and not “me” when completed and not the other way around. At any given time, the projects I’m working on usually represent a fairly wide range of color families since each client’s needs and tastes are different. Every once in a while I find that I am using the same color quite a bit and it satisfies the needs of the space and the clients love it. This is currently true of a color called Sylvan Mist by Benjamin Moore. This is no ordinary color let me tell you. It is one of 240 colors from their Color Stories Collection which are made entirely differently than the paint you have been buying which has maybe 2 or 3 pigments in it and adds gray or black for shading. Each Color Stories color is a full-spectrum color that has 5 to 7 pigments and uses no gray or black for shading. While gray or black does a good job deepening and toning colors down it also tends to flatten or deaden the vibrancy of colors and can leave them looking 2 dimensional. Sylvan Mist is a beautiful soft blue-green color that works well in a number of interior applications but must be seen to be fully appreciated.  I have been specifiying Color Stories colors more in general, but this color in particular lately. Here are several photos of projects I’ve recently consulted on that have used it and the clients are very happy!

If you want to learn more about the Color Stories Collection and how and why they are made differently  please visit:

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~ by sandywenberg on September 4, 2015.

4 Responses to “This is it!”

  1. Thanks Sandy for sharing this beautiful tip! I hope to have at least one interior space painted with Sylvan Mist in the next month. I’ll send a pic to two :). I love it.


  2. Beautiful! What is the wall color on the stairs and the trim color that you used with the Sylvan Mist? They all go together gorgeously!


    • Thank you! The trim and stair wall colors were the existing colors when I came on the project. I can tell you Benjamin Moore White Dove is a lovely trim color with Sylvan Mist.


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