A round of applause!

I love to see creativity at work and this project was chock full of it. I had the rare pleasure of working with the dreamer, designer and builder of his own residence who wanted color to enhance the unique architecture of his round (yes, round) house. Matthew Smith’s business specializes in round house (wooden yurt) design, permitting and construction. Don’t let ‘yurt’ put you off, these are anything but the canvas tents you’ve seen at campgrounds with no modern comforts. The interiors are completely customized for the client’s needs and have all the amenities of a typical house. This project is still a work in progress but I stopped by Indianola for a visit recently and have some great updates to show you, so enjoy!

Matthew’s website is: http://www.dreamdesignbuild.org if you want to check out more about his other projects and what he does.

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~ by sandywenberg on July 11, 2015.

One Response to “A round of applause!”

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for posting. Bert has admired yurts for years. He will be excited to see this :).


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