You can’t really improve on nature

Nature is bursting with color right now in the Pacific Northwest where I live. Everywhere I look I see that she has woven together the most amazing combinations of colors from the many eye-popping flowers in bloom to that shade of fresh yellow-green on plants you only see in the spring, combined with the deep rich greens of the abundant evergreens this area is known for. Don’t even get me started on all the colors the water can be, which only adds another dimension to the already intense colors everywhere the eye can see. I don’t think any color designer (this one included) has ever improved on what nature does with color and nature’s colors are often the inspiration for what I choose for my projects. They never fail me!

My husband and I took a hike last weekend on a trail that skirts the shores of Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park. These photos are a perfect example of what nature has done with her paintbrush at this stunningly beautiful lake and I think you will agree no one could do better!

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~ by sandywenberg on June 12, 2015.

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