Fitness and function

Kingston Fitness Center’s remodel is completed! My job was to make the colors support the statement the general manager wanted Kingston Fitness to make, at the same time using colors that are appropriate for the functions of the spaces.

One definition of color psychology is “the study of color as a determinant of human behavior.” Simply put this means we respond to colors in a certain way and I use this tendency to create color designs that get the response I want. The existing color palette was bright and cheerful but lacked any visual focus, which can be very distracting. As the photos show, I used a warm yet interesting neutral color to connect specifically placed accent colors. This makes all the spaces feel lighter, more open and connected, and allows the accent colors to be seen without feeling distracting.

The accent colors were chosen with specific purposes. The weight room is a rich, soft blue which has been demonstrated to produce calming chemicals in the body, improve focus and productivity, and support the ability to lift heavier weights. What more could you want in a weight room?

The cardio workout area, where machines like cycles, treadmills, stairmasters, elliptical trainers are has a bold accent wall of a rich, warm red which has been shown to increase heart rate and breathing, and escalate the body’s metabolism. Again, a great color to support the higher intensity of exercise done in this area.

The general manager wanted colors that would feel powerful and red, blue and black, the most powerful colors, are commonly seen in health and fitness facilities. Red and black are powerful but they are also incredibly visually demanding and need to be used with restraint to not overwhelm a space. My twist on these colors was to tone them down by choosing a deep charcoal gray instead of black and a softer, slightly warmer red and place them only as an accent walls. All colors can be seen from the entrance but don’t ‘take over’ the visual field. Blue, although powerful is not an aggressive color and I was able to use it in the entire weight room and reception area without concern of it taking over.

Choosing great colors may seem subjective but it really isn’t once you know what you’re looking for and what you want the colors to do. The human response to color is emotional which may surprise you, but knowing that, finding the information I need to make color suggestions is easily within reach. One regular Kingston Fitness member told me she finds the new colors far less distracting and thinks it helps her concentration and focus during her workouts, and she couldn’t have better said how well color psychology works. Take a look at the photos of the new colors then compare them to the photos in my previous post taken before the remodel, you will see a big difference!

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~ by sandywenberg on January 31, 2015.

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  1. Well done- it looks great! Way to go!


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