Creating a kid and pet friendly home for the holidays

There are a lot of demands put on the family home.  Ideally it’s a refuge from the world that is comfortable for everyone, however children and pets can be particularly hard on a house. And your house still needs to be a bit of a showplace for special gatherings of family and friends such as the soon to arrive Thanksgiving followed by all the Christmas activities and gatherings.

Here are some things that can be done to ensure your house will look great for its next special gathering:

Consider laminate or hardwood floors

 Choose wood floors that are no darker than the dirt outside when it’s wet and no lighter than when it’s dry; this will minimize the appearance of what gets tracked in.

Baseboards take a lot of abuse

Keep the baseboards a natural wood stain with a good scrubbable sealer or painted with a tough scrubbable paint in a color not extremely light (this will show every imperfection.)

Choosing a practical wall paint color

Choose wall paint colors that are neither too light nor too dark, this will minimize little fingerprints (and pawprints!)

My mother used to say that cleaning house when the kids were home was like shoveling snow in a snowstorm, and she had a point. By applying these recommendations to your home before the gatherings start you can relax and know your house will look its best during the ‘snowstorm’ and you can turn your energy to enjoying your family and friends. If you want to employ these recommendations and need some help with your color choices, I’d be delighted to help! Simply click on the “Contact Me” tab to the right and contact me by phone or email. How your Thanksgiving turkey turns out is another matter…

~ by sandywenberg on November 6, 2014.

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