The feeling a color evokes

My yoga friend Sue is a poet and  loves to write about colors. I like her poems very much, particularly how she captures the feeling a color evokes. This is what I teach my clients all the time, although far less eloquently than she does. She wrote a poem about the color beige,  an often maligned color, that I would like to share with you. Be warned; you may never look at beige the same again!


Beige: a flabby word of flesh tones, off white, off key,

a timid color of fear.  Indecision frets a palette to beige oblivion, yet

a wise woman defends telling why she loves beige, how she sees


beauty in grass baskets, khaki pants, and hemp brooms,

sees why the Goddess of Willendorf, fertile, eternal, and strong

trusts her longings to tan limestone. And have you noticed

that nature loves beige with black?  The Siamese cat,

the black and tan hound, the brindled hyena,

continents of black faces and those with fair,

the buckskin horse prancing with high black socks,

while the dun cow gives her Jersey milk

 and loves us with black eyes in a sweet beige face.

Are you afraid?  Beige knows fear and can hide you

well. Lie down with the fawn in spotted hide

curled in swaying wheat, and beige will shelter you.

                                                       Sue Hanson

                                                                                  Published in Ars Poetic 2014

~ by sandywenberg on October 8, 2014.

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