Residential to commercial

I loved this job. The client was a sweetheart and the project was incredibly interesting. Located on Bainbridge Island, WA it was a residential house with a beautiful and impeccably maintained park-like setting that over the years the business district of downtown Winslow had encroached on. When the owner passed away my client purchased it because she was taken by its beauty and sense of place. She didn’t want to live in it though, she was going to renovate it into a veterinary clinic. I came in well into the project and there were major additions being built to accommodate changing a house into a business, and a medical clinic at that. She had a good sense of color and knew how she wanted it to look but was getting a little tangled up in the mountain of decisions she was needing to make on a daily basis. I did a bit of consulting on the interior colors but mostly helped her on the exterior colors, integrating the natural cedar siding (which she wanted to save where possible) into several other types of siding, some from the original construction and some from the new addition. It was very important to her to keep the natural park-like feel and not detract from it or overwhelm it. The railings and street lamps were custom-made by local artists to emphasize nature and I adore them! The photos below show you the huge undertaking is completed and it is lovely.

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~ by sandywenberg on September 9, 2014.

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  1. Wow- that is lovely indeed. Thanks for sharing!


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