Not your cookie cutter Arby’s

Sometimes color adjustments can be subtle but dramatically alter an environment’s impression and this was the case with this Arby’s restaurant interior I consulted on. The bulk of what I do is help people choose paint colors but I am also able to help choose flooring, counter tops, cabinets, window treatments and lighting. On this project there was no painting involved, rather the owners were having new seating booths and chairs made, re-laminating table tops, front counter, cabinets and doors. They were open to new color suggestions in their desire to update and freshen the look and being practical and durable was a requirement. While keeping with the Arby’s “colors”  we were able to give the restaurant a more timeless look and feel. The booths now look more like a piece of furniture than a booth in beautiful rich red with chairs covered in a soft green providing a nice contrast. The laminates have the look of natural stone and wood grain giving a pleasing organic feel and texture.  The owners of the restaurant tell me the response to the change has been overwhelmingly positive; take a look at the before and after photos and see if you agree.

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~ by sandywenberg on June 19, 2014.

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