Cows and color inspiration

Yes you read correctly, cows and color inspiration. When establishing a color palette, inspiration can come from virtually anything that speaks to you. I recently worked with a very fun client who was enduring an extensive but well planned interior remodel. I say ‘enduring’ because she continued to live in the house throughout the entire remodel, much of it without bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, heat and well, you get the idea. She asked me to help her choose interior paint colors for the entire house and admitted that she has tended to choose beige because it feels safe but she loves color. She immediately took me to a painting of a cow that she had and told me she loved every color in it. With that as a starting point I gave her a questionnaire I use to gather information that helps me understand what my clients are looking for and allows me to make color suggestions that will satisfy what they have told me they want. It may surprise you, but the questionnaire doesn’t ask any questions at all about color preferences. Based on her responses to the questionnaire, the colors in the painting were appropriate for how she wanted her home to be experienced. We proceeded to look at many color samples and narrowed the field to several choices for each color she wanted to use. After she received the large color samples I ordered for her, she thoughtfully honed the palette down the ones that she loved the most. I had given her strict instructions to take some time to evaluate the samples in morning, midday and evening light, as well as on a sunny and cloudy or rainy day since color perception can alter dramatically in different conditions. She proved to be very open to suggestions that took her out of her initial comfort range and now that the painting is completed she is thrilled with the outcome. She loves how the colors have affected the mood and feel of her home and it all started with a cow.

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~ by sandywenberg on January 23, 2014.

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