A little girl’s dream

I don’t often get asked to consult on a nursery, but I did get asked AND it was for a little girl who was still on the way! The mom wanted gray walls and planned to use coral and white accents.  After meeting and evaluating the room for light, function and size I suggested painting three walls a warm gray since the only window was northeast facing and a cool gray would make the room feel darker and cooler, not to mention not going with the taupe carpet. I also suggested making the crib wall an accent  wall using the bright coral (which would be too loud  for a whole room) and using color ‘pops’ of coral, turquoise and white in the furnishings. She loved the idea and enlisted family members to help with painting and sewing to make this nursery a reality for one lucky little girl. It turned out beautifully and I’m happy to say that this lucky little girl now calls it ‘home.’

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~ by sandywenberg on November 4, 2013.

One Response to “A little girl’s dream”

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing:)


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