As they say “it’s all in the details”

Here is an exterior color design I recently completed that wasn’t all that bad to begin with but by really honing in on the details of the architecture I could see it could benefit from some color changes. The house had three different kinds of siding (shingle gables, lapped siding and river rock at the base) but the colors were doing nothing to make you notice them and the trim color next to the windows was making the tan-colored windows  have a pinkish-purplish cast which was most unattractive. The carriage style door on the garage had not been painted and the true white did not blend with the trim surrounding it. By addressing these issues and working with the homeowner’s desire for warmth and life in the colors I was able to create a palette that lets you notice the difference in the sidings and the colors of the river rock are now integrated into the color design. An added bonus is  the windows now look “tan” finding their place as a neutral in the new palette. None of these changes were dramatic, yet they allow you to focus on the details of the house and the overall impression is much more interesting and appealing. The before and after pictures below make is easy to see the importance of paying attention to details.

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~ by sandywenberg on June 6, 2013.

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