Just green?

Here’s a photo I took while snowshoeing in the Olympic Mountains the other day. You might be tempted to think that other than the white snow and the blue sky (and the bare tree in the foreground) the only color in the photo is a green. Just green? Look again, carefully this time at the trees, there are at least five major shades of green. The lighter trees in the foreground are slightly yellow-green and the trees directly behind them on the right are a deep green while the trees to the left of them are are such a deep green they appear nearly black. As the view moves away to the first set of rolling hills it lightens to a medium green and the peaks in the distance have actually become blue-green. This alpine forest is made up of largely the same kind of tree yet our color perception is so altered by distance, sun, shadow and contrast that it appears to have at least five shades of green. Just green you say?Image

~ by sandywenberg on February 11, 2013.

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