The Fine Arts House is completed!

Last spring I was contacted by Whitman College to design new exterior colors for the Fine Arts House, another of their many ‘interest’ houses where students who share that interest can live. It is prominently located on the main street through campus and has high visibility from many vantage points so it needed to look good! It had a very kitchy sign over the front porch that I thought would be a shame to change and a permanent glass art installation in the yard as well, both full of bold colors. It was a challenge to find a color palette that didn’t insult these but actually enhanced them, while also honoring the historic architecture of the expansive house. The winning palette is a complementary color scheme (meaning the accent colors are opposites on the color wheel) of a bold coral and soft blue-green. To balance this boldness the body color of the house is a warm gray that is very rich and complex. It all pulls together to make a statement that really gets your attention! Take a look at the before and after pictures and see what you think.

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~ by sandywenberg on August 10, 2012.

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