An old house with a new location

Since Whitman College has no summer session this is when most of the changes to campus and maintenance occur. Spring signals fun for me since I will be doing the color design for a number of their houses that will be painted over the summer. The featured ‘German House’ is one of  Whitman’s ‘Interest’ houses that is home to students studying German. Built in the 1880’s it is one of the very oldest houses in Walla Walla and has a rather interesting history. It was originally built on the location of the now Baker Faculty Center, a beautiful old brick building that is an icon on the campus. It was moved across the street to make way for construction, but was unfortunately moved before it was known how to properly move a house and has needed extensive repair as a result. The photographs show you its architectural character and charm as it sits waiting for a color transformation. There are also photographs of the Baker Faculty Center sitting across the street from the German House. I will be sure to show you the results after the painting is completed!

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~ by sandywenberg on March 15, 2012.

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