Is this fun or what?

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Whitman College owns many houses surrounding the campus that have various functions. This is a house they recently purchased that is to be used as a student rental. Because of its location on a main arterial, they wanted it to look its best and hired me to design an exterior color palette. The original structure was quite old and had a ‘cabin-in-the-woods’ feel which was added onto over the years using very discordant building materials. I took this ‘funky cabin’ look as license to not be too serious about the colors. I chose a soft and muted slightly bluish green for the entire body and a darkened version of the same color for the trims, both of which are colors that are in the roofing material. I did this to visually integrate all of the different types of materials and angles to tie it all together. I also chose this muted approach so I could use some significant color punches on the doors and around the windows. The windows are a bright and clear ‘school bus’ yellow orange and the doors are bright ‘Chinese’ red. I want all my designs to be memorable and I think this one may have succeeded!

~ by sandywenberg on September 2, 2010.

One Response to “Is this fun or what?”

  1. Lovely- it looks wonderful.


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