The Environmental House is painted!

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I posted a piece on Whitman College’s ‘Environmental House’ in the end of April that was due to be painted, complete with ‘before’ pictures. I was working on the color design with the department of Residence Life and Housing and after a color palette was approved, it got in the queue to be painted over the summer while the students are gone. It is an interesting building whose architectural origins seem a bit confused, but I feel that only adds to its charm. It sits directly next door to the ‘French House’, another one of my jobs (you can view it on my ‘Jobs’ page,) and it was very important that it not clash with or take away from that grand old Victorian in any way. The colors I chose for the Environmental House take that into account, as well as the thought that students who will live in it all share an environmental consciousness and tend to steer away from things flashy. Although most of the body color is an interesting gray, there is a bit of whimsy to feature some of its architecture in gold and an aqua blue. I think it is now a bright spot in the heart of the Whitman campus and hope the students think so too when they come back this fall.

~ by sandywenberg on August 10, 2010.

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