‘Brady Bunch’ to stately Prairie home

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This is a story of delayed gratification. I am working with a couple who fell in love with a beautiful old Prairie style home with some American Four Square influence that had to wait 15 years for the opportunity to buy it. It is located on the edge of the Whitman College campus in the heart of some of the most beautiful and oldest homes in town and is ideal for them since it is close to where they both work and steps to downtown.  They are close to being empty-nesters and are planning to move out of their ‘Brady Bunch’ house as they lovingly call it into this wonderful old gem. Here’s the catch: nearly everything in it is original, and I’m talking 1923 original! There are a myriad of original wallpapers to remove, entire floors of hardwoods to refinish and I won’t even get started on the kitchen and bathrooms (other than to say the kitchen still has its original tin lined ice box complete with outside entrance for delivery from the ice man!) It is a solid old home that will be remarkable when it is finished.

They are approaching this with the gusto that only a long time dream can muster and  I come into the picture to help them choose interior paint colors and fabrics, and  keep their marriage on a happy note! Eventually the whole house will be renovated but the current phase of renovation includes the living room, dining room and main floor study and I’ll tickle you with some ‘before pictures’ that I’ll update as they are completed.

~ by sandywenberg on July 21, 2010.

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