Fun with bold colors

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Okay, this job was as fun as pulling colors out of the crayon box! I got to work with friends who wanted to bring dynamic color into their home; primarily the living room, dining room and kitchen. They had just completed some very unique and artful tile work done by an amazing artist friend and were ready to tackle bringing on some color! I chose a secondary color triad for their color palette. When you make an equilateral triangle that connects any three colors on the standard color wheel you have a color triad. The most commonly used is red, blue and yellow which are all primary colors so it’s a primary color triad. Whenever you mix two primary colors together you get a secondary color (for example red and yellow mixed together makes orange.) The secondary color triad I chose consisted of orange, green and purple. This color triad doesn’t get nearly the use of red, yellow and blue which makes it all the more interesting to me! You can see the three colors eclipsed looking from the moss green living room through the deep eggplant purple dining room into the saffron orange kitchen and also another photograph looking back the other way from the orange kitchen. I have also included a photograph of the bathroom even though it is not in the same color palette, but is notable for it’s unique and artistically done tile work. Unfortunately for them, they have outgrown the house and have had to move into a larger house, but they have kept this one as a rental and hope they can move back into it again someday.

~ by sandywenberg on July 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fun with bold colors”

  1. Gorgeous, a definite feel of harmony and warmth!


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